Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Ride on Mommy's Shoulder

Just two days ago, I said to Brian, "He used to leave me feathers as signs, but not any more."

This morning after getting out of bed, I decided it would be a good time to sit with the laptop and update yesterday's photo reminder of Wyatt. After completing this, I decided to play a bit on the computer, searching for tours for our trip to Chicago. All the while, I was moving around, walking from the living room to the kitchen, then back to the living room.

It would have made perfect sense for it to fall off, but it didn't. Nope, after more than two hours of being awake, I happened to look in the mirror and I noticed it. A small, white feather. It was on the right shoulder of my shirt. And it wasn't just laying there, it was attached.

I do have a feather pillow, so it makes sense as to why I picked up the feather, but why after two hours of walking through the house and doing daily tasks was the feather still attached? Funny how the little feather appeared, when just two days ago I had made the comment about not receiving feathers any longer.

It was like the feather was taking a ride on my shoulder, just close enough to make me understand that he is always with me, regardless of the signs!


Jessica said...

Another one of Wyatt's whispers :) how sweet! <3

Tiffany said...

awww thats so sweet. <3Wyatt<3

Michelle said...

okay. that picture (the first one) is amazing!!! he is always whispering to his mommy

Rhiannon said...

That is a beautiful, I love how your Wyatt whispers to you!

I wanted to thank you for the card that you sent remembering Harper's due date, that was very thoughtful of you!

Thinking of you and Wyatt! hugs!

Lisette said...

How neat is that? What a beautiful sign.