Thursday, September 30, 2010

Handmade Cards from the Heart!

Today was a vacation day for me, as I have 18 to use before the end of the year. I was supposed to be enjoy these vacation days with my son, but that won't be the case. Instead of sitting and wallowing in my sorrow, I have decided to continue to push forward, by doing things in honor of Wyatt.

I decided that since the weather was stormy and windy today, that it would be a great day to work on my newest endevor, "Handmade Cards from the Heart!". I have decided that I will use up all of the store bought cards I have around the house, and then never again buy a card. I will be making all my cards from that point on.

Today, my focus was on BLM cards. I made a total of ten cards today and of course, I photographed them so everyone could take a peak.

Each card was made with love from the heart. I have decided that I will be including a card, like these, in each of the "Angel Care Packages" that I make for the Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania.

On the back of each card, I have added a simple and very plain symbol to show that I created each card. If you have received a handmade card from me in the past, you probably noticed the symbol on there also. I will continue to use this symbol for every card that is made.

Of course, I have my favorite! The favorite card was made with one BLM in mind, for I thought of her little girl the entire time I made the card. This card had a lot of love put into it and I know that when the BLM receives it, she will appreciate it!

So, that is what I did with my first vacation day taken after the loss of my son, Wyatt James. I currently have 17 vacation days left, with the next one being taken tomorrow. I plan to continue to do something in honor of my son on each of the vacation days I have this year. For, I would have been spending time holding him, playing with him, teaching him, and loving him if he was with me on this Earth right now.


Tiffany said...

omg mama! what beautiful work! It brought tears to my eyes to see Genesis' gorgeous card. thank you so much for thinking of us!! XOXOXOXOXO

Jessica said...

Incredibly beautiful! You did a wonderful job on those cards - they will mean a lot to anyone who gets one :) <3 <3

Antoinette said...

so beautiful <3

turtleohs said...

Did you draw the little angel and the G? wow, you are so artistic! I wish I could be so creative :)

Wyatt's Mommie said...

Thanks Girls. No, I didn't draw the angel and the G. That is from my scrapbook collection. It's a sticker. I wish I was that artistic. <3