Thursday, October 14, 2010


Tomorrow is October 15, just a normal day for most, it was for me until this year. I was ignorant to the number of things that could go wrong during a pregnancy. It took us so long to become pregnant, that when it happened, I figured the road to getting there was the worst part. I was so very wrong.

For my entire pregnancy, I was so concerned about cleft palate, I don't know why, but I was so focused on making sure that the baby didn't have it. I remember at the 20 week ultrasound, I asked the tech if she could look to see if the baby had a full palate. She explained "the baby" (we didn't what to find out the gender) had a perfect palate. Boy, if I could only go back to that ultrasound. I wouldn't care about the palate. Instead, I would have asked about the heart and the fluid.

Never did I think that I would loss my child. They say, "Once you get past the first trimester you are good." Well, they are WRONG. I got to 28 weeks, the third trimester! And, I wasn't good, the baby wasn't good, and life changed forever!

The day I lost my son, was the day that I realized that nothing is permanent, nothing! I began to quickly realized that there are things that can happen that are just unexplained. My entire pregnancy I was so focused on a cleft palate, something that doesn't cause many complications and something that can be fixed with surgery. Never did I consider the fact that my child could have something so wrong with him that even the best doctors in the United States could not fix what was wrong. I never gave thought that the very first organ that developed in my son's body could actually be the very cause for his death.

As I was ignorate to the many things that could go wrong with a pregnancy, I was also ignorate to a day that should be recognized more than it is currently being recognized. For many, tomorrow is just another day. For me, tomorrow, October 15, is a day to REMEMBER! For in my life, October 15 is now and will always be known as National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Please make October 15 important to you from now on also.

Please remember!

Remember my son, my Wyatt James!

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