Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Past the Surface

Recently, I feel as though I have been blogging about each of the daily photo reminders, but that wasn't my purpose. The purpose of the photo reminders was to start a 365 project but have it focus solely on reminders of Wyatt. I was still going to blog about feelings and such but the photos were going to remain as part of the 365 project, aka "Wyatt's Life in Photos - A Collection of Reminders". But that hasn't been the case, and it will not be again today.

Some of the recent reminders or signs from Wyatt have just been so breath taking that I have to blog about them. If I only allowed a few sentences in the 365 project, it wouldn't do the reminder or sign any justice.

As I said, today is no different. When I awoke today, I decided that since I didn't have any face to face meetings at work, that I would work from home. Just one of the small perks to my job. So, I logged in just before 8a and began working. Just after 12p, I decided I was going to actually take a lunch. Something I usually never do at work. I needed to walk mail to the mailbox and wash some dishes. As I was returning from the mailbox something caught my eye. I looked down toward the blacktop and sitting on top of the folded welcome mat was a dragonfly. It was actually in the small location as where I found the blue winged butterfly in August.

I had never seen a dragonfly this close before. At first I thought, "Wow, that is the ugliest thing I have ever seen!" I ran inside and grabbed my camera, which was just on the table, since it is out all the time now with the 365 project taking place. I figured, for sure the creature would be gone by the time I made it back outside. But it wasn't. It was still there. I was able to capture four pictures of the dragonfly. Then, it even allowed me to touch its wings. A few hours later, I checked on the dragonfly, and to my surprise, it was still there. Still in the same spot. I went back out, played with its wings again and returned back to the table to work. Then about an hour later, I went back to check on it and it was gone.

I will be honest. I had to look "photos of dragonflies" up on the Internet to be sure that was really what I had photographed. When I realized it was, I immediately posted a picture of the dragonfly on FB. It reminded me of another BLM and her daughter and I had to let her know what I had seen. After posting the picture, I realized that the dragonfly was ugly after all. It was actually extermely delicate and something that should be treasured.

A few hours after I posted the photo to FB, I received this message:
"Loooook closely, Wyatt's name is in the wings... as soon as I saw the picture you posted, I saw a w on him, then another W, then I started playing on Paint.... So here ya go I didn't want it obvious..just subtle"

It was followed by a photo which showed how Wyatt's name was hidden in the wings of the dragonfly. Now, you will see on the photo, that for each letter in Wyatt's name, the letter is drawn over with black. That was done by the sender. But if you compare it to the orignal, the lines on the wings are there, just not as dark. All the sender did, was darken the lines. See for yourself:

Here, I was so concerned about receiving signs from Wyatt, that I never looked past the surface, to the real meaning of why the sign presented itself to me in the first place.


Tiffany said...

so very special mama <3

Wyatt's Mommie said...

It was something from Genesis!!! I know it! Those two are up there plotting.. LOL

Laurie said...

:) :) :) :)

Again...Wyatt - he give ME strength. I would be writing off so much of what I notice if it wasn't for his clarity. Thank you for sharing your sweet amazing Wyatt!

mommy4boys said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your son, Wyatt. Dragonflies remind me of Lucas and Caleb! I even had one land on my toe one afternoon. I love how his names were in the dragonfly's wings. Thank you for posting.