Friday, October 29, 2010

An Empty Costume

The costume was purchased by a Mommom at just 1 month gestation. Halloween was so far off, it couldn't even be fathomed. But, the costume was still purchased. It was then wrapped and place in a stocking for a proud Daddy to open on Christmas day. Immediately, the Daddy cherished the costume. A special place was made in the Daddy's closet so the costume could wait for the arrival of the special child.

At six months gestation, the costume was removed from the closet, washed and placed with a large pile of baby clothes that were also awaiting the arrival. Eventually, the costume was moved to "the baby's room". Neatly placed in "the baby's closet", to complete the final stages of waiting f0r the special child.

Then, without notice, the costume was removed from "the baby's closet", looked at one last time, and placed in a dark plastic storage bin.

It was never worn. It never touched the special child's skin. There would be no photos of the special child in the costume. Instead, it would remain empty.

Just an empty costume, in a dark bin that sits in what was to be a nursery.

No memories will be created and no first Halloween will take place. Instead, there will be emptiness from a dream that resulted in a loss.


Michelle said...

sawyer's pumpkin is empty too. i love you sweetie

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butterflymom said...

Oh, hun...this post is just heartbreaking. Thinking of you and hoping for a day that a pumpkin costume will be filled by Wyatt's sibling. ((hugs))