Monday, November 15, 2010

A Very Busy Weekend

Talk about a busy weekend.... on the move since Friday, but it was great and every memory created included Wyatt in some way or another. 

Friday night we had dinner with new friends, another family who experienced the same pain that we have been through.  The restaurant selection was wonderful as it had some unique foods.  Unique meaning foods like buffalo, ostrich, kangaroo, and alligator.  I stuck to something traditional, a hanger steak, while Brian had a buffalo burger.  Yummy.

The weekend began and it was beautiful.  The weather was perfect, not to cold, not to hot.  We even opened the windows to let in the warmth.  Brian worked in the yard most of the day and tackled the pool (which is still not finished, but one step closer).  I made chocolate chip and sugar cookie dough, washed my car, and made forty-five holiday cards.  Yes, forty-five, and I am not done yet.  I made cards for family and friends, and special cards for my BLMs. 

Later that day, Brian had a bachelor party for his brother and I decided to begin Christmas shopping.  As I thought, this year was going to be difficult buying for our nieces and nephews and not for Wyatt.  But I found away around it.  Brian and I have always called Wyatt, our little monkey, and every time we see a monkey it reminds us of Wyatt.  So, I decided that some gifts would be Wyatt-related this year.  Below are close ups of two of the gifts I purchased on Saturday, which fulfilled the Wyatt-related requirement:

Brian and his brothers have their birthdays around the same time, so Sunday we went to his dad's house for a birthday dinner.  We also celebrated one of our niece's birthdays, she will be turning one!  This is the start to the holiday chaos.  Every weekend from now until next year, we will have something to do and some place to go.  Nothing kicked off the start of the season better than trying to get a grandchild photo for the grandparents. 

As you can see, it didn't work too well.  Eight children and a monkey make a tough crowd to please.  When one is happy, another is crying.  At one point, four of the eight children were in tears, making the mommies call it off.  We will be trying the photo session again next weekend, with hopes that the eight children and the monkey can all smile together for a picture perfect memory. 

A vacation day was taken by me today.  I enjoyed the time off and got a lot accomplished.  I cooked an awesome dinner (boneless spare ribs) and cleaned the house.  I also found time to start a new baby blanket, pictured below:

And with the mail today came a free gift.  The one from Similac that I FB'ed about last week.  The photo book that we created for Wyatt.  Something about receiving that bright orange Shutterfly envelope gets me every time.  This time, it was because my son's memories were gathered inside.  A perfect way to end a very busy weekend.


Tiffany said...

what a beautiful book. I should make one one day for Genesis... though I dont know what I would put in it since I only have 1 photo of her....:(

Wyatt's Mommie said...

@ Tiffany... Thank you... You should make one for Genesis, even though you only have one photo. You could add to it the photos you received in memory of Genesis from the BLMs, poems that remind you of her, some of your blog posts, etc. I am sure you could make it perfect for her! <3

turtleohs said...

My friend had a book done like that, except it was for her wedding and they are absolutely gorgeous. I love how they look!