Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tis the Season of Giving....

It is here, the season of giving.  It arrived on my door step sometime early last Saturday morning.  That was the exact time that I decided it was "only right" to make a holiday card for every BLM that I have become close with on FB or through blogs.  I spent plenty of time making 86 cards to date.  I have posted them on FB and tagged each mother.  I was pleased with myself for giving something to each family at a time of year when the pain from the loss of a child is heightened.  I guess that was me "paying it forward", because I then learned about an awesome Shutterfly promotion.  The promotion is for 50 FREE cards, go figure. 

After receiving the instructions, I reviewed each holiday card and thought of all the possibilities which could be done to create that perfect card from our family.  I thought about the fact that this would be the first Christmas card from our FAMILY.  Many thoughts were being tossed around in my mind, but one major thought was given a lot of focus.  "Would someone want to receive a card with our son on the front, our angel son?"  I gave it even more thought.  I thought about the fact that Brian and I have come so far in just a short time and how we are coping with this holiday season.  Then the light bulb went off.  "Yes!  You will send a card with your family and your angel son on the front.  You will select a card design that will work great with the NILMDTS photo, the one of your family.  You will use this photo on the card because this IS your family.  If the receiver of the card can't appreciate the fact that your family includes an angel, tough.  Having an angel as part of your family is something others can't say for their families, it is what makes our family, OUR FAMILY."  After talking to myself, I selected the most precious card design that fits our family's situation this year.  The card says "Joyful Wishes".  Not Merry Christmas, because it feels like we are missing something for it to be 100% merry.  Not Happy Holidays, because again the happy just isn't 100% there.  But Joyful Wishes.  Joyful - yes.  We have come so far and we find joy in the fact that we have our very own angel.  Wishes - perfect.  Because it is wishes that we will be sending to our little boy this year for Christmas, not gifts.  The perfect card- and it was found in a promotion from Shutterfly. 

The perfect card is not the only item offered by Shutterfly that has helped me through the holiday season this year.  Shutterfly offers photobooks also.  Wonderful, beautiful photobooks.  So far, I have designed and ordered two photobooks that will be cherished and treasured for years to come.  Another gift, regardless of the price, could not take the place of the memories placed inside of the photobooks.  In addition to photobooks, Shutterfly offers calendars.  Everyone uses a calendar, right?  These calendars, yet again, capture memories which have been created.  In my family, memories are everything.  For when you lose someone who meant the world to you, you have nothing but memories left. 

Lastly, Shutterfly offers photo gifts.  Father's Day this year was exteremly difficult for our family.  As most of you know, Wyatt was delivered on June 6.  Father's Day was on June 20, exactly two weeks apart.  Brian wanted nothing more than being a wonderful father.  He wanted a little boy, a son, more than he wanted anything else in the world.  Father's Day was nothing but bittersweet this year, as Brian had a son, but a son who was an angel.  Shutterfly allowed for the perfect gift.  Brian loves his coffee and drinks it every morning, so I decided to order him a coffee mug with Wyatt's picture on it.  Every morning, Brian can now enjoy a cup of coffee while looking at his son. 

Tis the season of giving, right?  Though I thought this meant I needed to give, which is what I decided to this past weekend, I have been able to see that there is one company who strives to give.  Though they probably don't realize it, they give more than just "Free Promotions."  This company gives families something that is worth more than money, more than anything in the world.  They give cherished and treasured memories.  Thank you Shutterfly for providing me the opportunity to turn our family moments into something that will never be forgotten, MEMORIES.

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Melissa said...

I struggled whether to include Mikayla's picture on our card as well and I did decide that for this year it feels right to me. This year was really defined by her presence and now absence in our lives. I'm not sure how i'll include her in future years but this year her beautiful NILMDTS photo is included.