Monday, November 15, 2010

"The Ultimate Gift"

'Tis the Season, right.... Well, it is the season for wonderful movies on the Hallmark channel.  Movies with morals and lessons to be learned.  Everyday from now until Christmas Hallmark plays a different "touching" movie.  I have always loved Hallmark movies around the holidays, as they touch that special spot in my heart.  But this year, like everything else, it's different.  The movies touch the entire heart and even make me go "Uh huh" and nod. 

I am sitting here watching the first Hallmark movie for our house this holiday season.  It is of course touching, as all Hallmark movies are.  But this one caught my attention in so many ways, as it fully depicts the lessons I have learned in life over the past five months and the importance of actually living life and understanding life. 

The movie is about a young man who is about to claim an inheritance from his deceased grandfather.  The grandfather has laid out a list of tasks that the man needs to complete in order to receive the inheritance.  Each task is called a gift by the grandfather, and each teaches the young man a life lesson.  The gifts include:

1. Work as a favor
2. Find one true friend
3. Give someone else who really needs money all the money you earned doing hard work
4. Find one thing that your family is truly thankful for
5. Push through tough times that really mean something to you

After the young man accomplishes all of the tasks, he inherits 100 million dollars, of which he uses to build a wing onto a hospital for families to stay in during their child's stay.  The young man doesn't know it, but the grandfather has an additional 3 billion dollars in store to give to the man. 

But the movie isn't about the money.  No, it is about everything I have learned in the past five months.  It is about the importance of life, love, family and giving not receiving.  It is about the importance of how life must be appreciated and not taken for granted, how the small things in life are given too much time and the large things so many leave without understanding.  It is about how so many take everything for granted.  This movie has made me realize how I have only just begun to understand the large things in life, for I always lived for the small things, only recently did I start to live for the large things.  
There were many quotes which I related to in this movie.  I have listed them below:

~ "You haven't lived until you lost everything." ~
~ "Did you know that God paints each color on the butterflies with his finger tips" ~
~ Young man: "If you could dream, what would your dream be?"  Little girl: "To be with people I love and those who love me" ~
~ "Up until now I have only existed.  I have drifted through life day to day thinking that was enough." ~
~ Young man: "I was expecting a different feeling or something."  Secretary: "That is because you are a different person." ~

I can't even pick one of the quotes to say I relate the most to, because I relate to all of them.  However, my favorite, the one that sums up 2010 for me is "Young man: "I was expecting a different feeling or something."  Secretary: "That is because you are a different person."" 

Yes, I am different, totally 100% different.


turtleohs said...

"small things in life are given too much time and the large things so many leave without understanding"

This is so true. I guess in a way you can count yourself lucky for being able to understand this like I am not able to. I hope that makes sense.

Angie said...

Hi Megan, I'm new to your blog.

I saw this movie a couple years ago, it was so touching then, but now brings on an entirely different meaning after losing my son 3 months ago.

Jillian said...

The dates..everything is measured by a date. I can just feel this post..I echo so many of the thoughts.