Sunday, August 1, 2010

Words Do No Justice

I found myself thinking a lot about you yesterday. Not that I don't think about you a lot everyday, but yesterday was different. While mowing the grass yesterday, I continued to notice the birds that were flying high in the sky. Would I have normally noticed birds flying while I was mowing grass? No, not in my old life. I also noticed a pretty yellow and black butterfly, the same one that was flying around the flowers on Friday. I thought of you and wondered if you were playing in Heaven. As I was mowing the front yard, I circled the mower around the front flower bed, and that is when I saw them....

I saw the two turtle doves, the same ones that Daddy and I saw the weekend we were sent home to "wait it out". The same ones we saw the day we went in for your surgery. The two turtle doves that brought me peace after returning home without you, as I recall seeing them on the morning of June 8. But that was the last time I had seen them, until today.

Circling the mower around to avoid the driveway, I saw them. They quickly landed on the edge of the driveway and watched me come toward them while I was circling the mower to continue cutting the grass. One of them tilted it's tiny little head, as if to look harder at me to ensure I was okay. I smiled at them, and away they went.

I continued mowing but wasn't thinking much about what I was doing. My mind was thinking a million things all at once. "Really? Two turtle doves are BACK in my yard? What does THIS signify? Your crazy Megan. No, you can't be, this has to be another sign, it has to be. Coincidence. No, the one looked right at me, I felt it. Again, your crazy Megan, nuts, as others would call it." Realizing I was nearing the end of my yard, I cut the wheel to turn in the other direction. I tried to shake it from my head, those two turtle doves. But I couldn't. I decided that it had to be another sign.

Am I nuts? Losing it? Can turtle doves signify something? I had to find out, so I began searching the Internet. This is what I found: "Turtle Doves have become emblems of devoted love." The definition of devoted is "Feeling or displaying strong affection or attachment."

Wyatt, please know that Daddy and I love you more than we will ever be able to put into words. Words do no justice for the love we have for you. Wyatt, are you trying to show Mommy and Daddy the strong love you have for us? Do you know that words cannot begin to show love, therefore you sent turtle doves?