Monday, May 2, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!!!

Wow... so much to blog about, where shall I start? 

1.  Wyatt's Whisper blog giveaway - The winner of our 10,000 view giveaway was Shannon.  I had so much fun reading every one's comments and enjoyed the fact that each of you selected different posts as your favorites.  Shopping for Shannon's giveaway bag and gifts was just as fun.  Thank you to each of you who participated.

2.  BLM Mother's Day Exchange - Just as I participated in the Holiday Ornament Swap, I chose to participate in the Mother's Day Exchange also.  I find these exchanges to be heart touching and helpful.  It is nice to exchange a small gift from one BLM to another, as it reminds me that I am not alone in my feelings during each holiday. 

The only rule to the exchange was to ensure flowers were incorporated into the gift so the mother would receive flowers for Mother's Day.  I decided to crochet two roses and stitch them to a summery bag.  Additionally, I found a few cute gifts to include in the bag.  I can't wait until the gift is received!!!

I totally love this bag!

3.  March for Babies Walk - Okay so I really did try to participate in this walk.  I wanted to be there to show our support and march for Wyatt, but that didn't happen.  The doctor stated it wasn't too smart to walk in a 5k when I was just complaining about shortness of breath and I had bleeding only a few weeks before.  It's okay though, I found out that there is another Start Heart Walk in September for the AHA that we will be registering to participate in!

4.  Nolan's Registry - Yes!!!  Nolan's registry is 100% complete.  Do you know how much it took out of me to do that registry?  Wyatt's registry was the last thing that I did before he passed.  I literally completed Wyatt's just four days before we learned that his heart was so bad he probably wasn't going to make it.  So doing Nolan's registry was that much harder, but it is finally 100% complete.  And no, I didn't do it the traditional way, we are not registered at the "Let me rob you!" Babies R Us store.  Instead, we are registered at the reasonable and one of my favorites french boutiques called "Target".  LOL!!!

5.  Nolan's Nursery - What was to be Wyatt's nursery that he never made it home to is now Nolan's.  The furniture is complete and all of the 0-3 month clothing is washed and put away.  We still have a few "touch ups" to take care of, the closet doors need painting, and I need to order the Pooh quote to put on the wall.  But for the most part, Nolan's room is in move in shape!

6.  Etsy Hats - OMGosh!  Who would have thought that the hats would have taken off so well.  I am actually behind on a few orders, but to date we have sold nine hats.  We have sold hats to friends at work, BLM friends, and others who have found us through friends.  I am so pleased to make each hat and I look forward to making many others.  The most recent pattern I completed was the owl hat called "What a Hoot", what do you think?

7.  Angel Care Package Challenge - We are on our way to hitting our challenge goal of 20 packages by June 6, 2011.  I have received several blanket donations.  Additionally, I have received many emails and FB posts stating donations will be made.  I can't thank everyone enough for your kindness.  It will mean the world to me to achieve this challenge and to give to other families during their times of need.  Remember, if you would like to donate, please visit the Angel Care Package Challenge FB page for details, just click HERE.

As you can see we have been super busy.  I realized today that I have surpassed the 1st of this month, which means we have less than three months until Nolan Bear arrives.  I can't believe that this means it has been almost one year since Our Little Monkey has been gone from us, but it has been.  He is missed every day and he will continue to be missed until we are reunited.  We have been planning Wyatt's One Year Angelversary also, more on this to come, but it has been fun and heart wrenching at the same time. 

Well, time for me to end this post and go back to my busy life.  More to come soon!!!

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Lauren said...

Love the owl hat, so adorable!