Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award!!!

Today I received "The Stylish Blogger Award" from Melissa at Laken's Bears.  Of course, with all awards there are rules.  So, find the rules for this award below:

1.) Link back to the person to gave you the award.

As I mentioned before, Melissa from Laken's Bears gave Wyatt's Whisper this wonderful award.  I was pretty shocked to see that we received the award, as it has been some time since we received one.  Melissa just recently donated Angel Pennies to the Angel Care Package Challenge.  The pennies come with a perfect little saying for parents of little angels.  The Angel Pennies will add the perfect touch to each of our Angel Care Packages!  
2.) Tell 7 things about yourself.

1.  I lost my first son, Wyatt James, on my 30th birthday.  Yes, we share the same birthday, not something most Mom's get to brag about!!! 

2.  My husband, Brian, and I have traveled to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and St. Lucia.  Our last trip to an island was in 2006, I think we are due for one soon!

3.  We have two dogs, Shelby and Cody, who fill our home with love and noise!

4.  In less than one year, I have met so many wonderful BLMs and learned about so many outstanding organizations.

5.  My favorite movie is "My Dog Skip".

6.  I love to scrapbook and crochet.

7.  My favorite signs from Wyatt include blue butterflies and feathers.

3.) Award other bloggers.

"The Stylish Blogger Award" is to be awarded to 10-15 other bloggers.  There are so many wonderful blogs out there but I wanted to ensure I didn't duplicate anyone. 

4.) Notify the winners!

If I haven't contacted you and you see your name and or blog name here feel free to grab "The Stylish Blogger Award" and repeat by following the same rules when you post it! Congratulations!

- Tiffany from In the beginning there was Genesis

- Lauren from Caleb's Heart Story

- Melissa from Amazing Mikayla Grace

- Emily from Aidan, Baby of Mine

- Mary Beth from Running With Reese

- Lori from Lori Does Maryland

- Julie from My Sweet Kenny

- Nicole from The Avery Diaries

- Lisette from Sami's Blog

- Laura from Gwenyth Carpenter

4.) Notify the winners!

After I notify you, please grab "The Stylish Blogger Award" and repeat by following the same rules when you post it!


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Laurie said...

Been offline. Just saw your note on Gwen's blog. And thanks! I'll pass this on along for sure. You are such a sweet mama - I can't wait for Nolan to be enjoying you!!!!