Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Join us in our challenge!!!

For those of you who don't follow me on FB, I wanted to post our Challenge here.  Please use the link below to access the details of the Angel Care Package Challenge that I have designed in memory of Wyatt. 


The Challenge is to donate 20, yes that's right, 20 Angel Care Packages by Wyatt's delivery date of June 6, 2011.  That's in less than 2 months!!!!

I am bound and determined to ensure this challenge is achieved even if it means I sit and crochet blankets every night from now until then. 

To date, we have donated 4 Angel Care Packages, all delivered to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  The next batch will be delivered to A.I. DuPont Children's Hospital in Delaware. 

Please know that your support will allow this Challenge to be successful!!!  If you would like to donate please do one of the following:

1. Send donations of crochet or knit blankets, small (under 12") new or gently used stuffed animals, or hat boxes/decorated boxes to:  Wyatt's Wishes c/o Megan McGrory, 357 Mount Eden Road, Kirkwood, PA  17536

2. Make a safe and secure donation to Wyatt's Wishes using our secure Paypal site.  (Please note, Wyatt's Wishes donates ALL proceeds to Angel Care Packages, NILMDTS, and CHD research.)  Link to Wyatt's Wishes donation site:  Click HERE

Wyatt's Wishes


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