Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mollie Arrived!

A few days ago, a friend on FB posted that she was selling Scentsy items.  I had seen the items before, but just didn't have the funds to purchase something even though I had found the perfect gift.  This time, I had the funds and I had given a special item much thought.  When I realized that the item was still available, I quickly ordered it, but I had new intentions. 

I had decided that I wanted Nolan to have a gift from his big brother at home when we returned from the hospital.  The item that was purchased from Scentsy would be a wonderful gift for Wyatt to give to Nolan.  I carefully selected a special scent to ensure Nolan's room would smell wonderful and surround him with a scent of peace while knowing Wyatt is there protecting him.

I figured the item would take some time to receive, but it arrived today.  Upon my return home from work, the package was waiting for me to open. 

The item was perfect!  It is a wonderful gift for a big brother to give to a little brother as a reminder that he will always be with him!!!  The selected scent was perfect also! 

So without any further ado.... I would like to introduce you to Mollie. 

Mollie has been returned to her box to await Nolan's arrival.  She will be wrapped and placed in Nolan's nursery with a card until he comes home from the hospital.  Upon arrival home, Nolan will hear all about his big brother and how he will always have an angel watching over him.  Nolan will then receive his present from Wyatt which will be place on a shelf near his crib. 

Welcome to our home, Mollie!  We are so pleased to have you! 


Lauren said...

Aww love it! What is the scent?

Caroline said...

Beautiful , I love it !!

Laura said...

What a precious gift. And a wonderful idea.

Wyatt's Mommie said...

The scent is Newborn Nursery!!!!