Monday, December 13, 2010

Wyatt's Special Package Arrived!!!

While baking cookies and making dinner today, I received a knock on the door.  The dogs began barking and of course I was yelling trying to make them stop.  While dodging one dog only to trip over the other, I finally made it to the door. 

It was too late...  The mail lady had already nicely place the package and my mail on the front step.  After controlling the dogs, I was able to open the door and bring the gift inside. 

I gently removed the tape and opened the flaps.  I carefully lifted each piece of newspaper and pushed it aside.  There laying in the box was a beautiful blue circle shaped gift box with a blue bow. 

I removed the precious blue box from the large mailing box and slowly lifted the lid.  There is was!  So precious, so beautiful, so.... PERFECT. 

Wyatt's ornament from Sawyer's Mommy!!! 

This is one of the most special ornaments Wyatt will ever have.  The fact that Sawyer's Mommy and I found each other is something that only our son's could have had control over.  To receive an ornament made with care for Wyatt from Sawyer's Mommy means so very much. 

This ornament will be placed under the tree until Christmas.  It will be placed on the tree Christmas morning, as part of our newest family tradition!


Jennifer said...


Michelle said...

I am SO happy you got it so soon and that it made you smile today. You have no idea!!!

Trena said...

Absolutely beautiful ♥

Lisette said...

So pretty!!!! I love that ornament.