Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Enjoying every minute of it!

Wow!  It's March already, how exactly did that happen?  It feels like the winter was quick this year, or maybe it was just that last summer seemed so long.  Whatever it is, I can't believe it is March already, and talk about busy.

Wyatt's Wishes is really taking off.  I will be donating two more blankets to the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia on March 22.  I can't wait to take the photos and post them so everyone can see!  Additionally, I started making crochet baby hats to sell on ETSY.  Yes, that's right, I opened a shop on ETSY called WyattsMommie.  (Really it is Wyatt's Wishes by Wyatt's Mommie, but the silly search engine requires one to search by WyattsMommie.)

The hats are adorable, and I have even started getting creative by making animal hats.  Check out the frog....

Oh, you know you love it!  I already have a list of orders for the frog and a few other hats.  Most of the proceeds from the hats will go directly to Wyatt's Wishes to fund the Angel Care Packages and to make monetary donations to CHD research and NILMDTS. 

In the midst of working on the baby hats and the blankets, I recently registered Brian and I to walk for the March of Dimes on May 1, in Wyatt's name of course.  We will be recruiting our family and friends to walk with us again also, so we can all come together and show our support for little Wyatt!!!!

There are times when I think about everything that I have done for Wyatt's Wishes so far, and I find myself hoping that one day I can make this a full time job.  Recently, the thought has entered my mind several times, then I realize that eventually that day MAY come. 

Today, after arriving home from work (another topic for another day), I looked at the mail and started to determine what to cook for dinner.  I didn't see the package sitting there at first but after a few strolls through the kitchen, I noticed it.  I saw the return address and my heart began to fill with joy! 

The package was from a wonderful soul who had sent a previous donation to Wyatt's Wishes.  I carefully opened the package and pulled out the contents.  It was a book with a note.  The note said, "I purchased 3 of these, one for me, one for my son, and one for you and Brian." 

The book is called "Heaven is for Real".  I have it sitting on the table beside me right now because I can't wait to read it.  It is about a little boy who tells his story of going to Heaven. 

You know, just when you begin to doubt, to not fully understand the why, to think that you were cheated from something, something great happens.  Do you ever find yourself thinking that way? 

It was like this book came at just the right time, for many reasons which I will not disclose here.  Just know that in whatever spare time I have, I will be making blankets and baby hats, working on Wyatt's scrapbook, and reading a book called, "Heaven is for Real".  And you know what, that is my life and I am enjoying every minute of it!!


Jessica said...

So odd for you to mention that book! My sister-in-law sent it to me. I plan to read it very soon! It sounds wonderful. She told me she read a review and it made her think about me, Riley, and Peyton. Sounds like you are doing wonderful things! I was glad it seemed like winter went fast for me too. Much love to you! I love frogs and that hat is SO cute!! <3

Melissa said...

I read that book about a month ago and have been meaning to blog about it. I absolutely loved it. It is nice to have a picture painted of Heaven and I felt like I was getting a glimpse into what our babies see!

Lisette said...

I have to order that book now. Glad you are busy and doing well. I just adore that little hat it is just too cute.