Monday, March 28, 2011

Ask the Blogger!


We are almost at 100 blog posts and nearing 50 followers.  I never thought my feelings and thoughts would attract so many, nor did I imagine that I would have enough in my mind to write 100 blogs. 

I plan to write about something big or do something big to write about for the 100th blog post, which is only two posts away!  But for this post I thought I would use it to allow you, that's right, you the reader to ask me one question of your choice.  I saw this done on a friends blog and I really enjoyed it.  I felt like I got to know her better and relate even that much more.  I am open to any questions but if I receive questions that seem inapporpriate I will select not to answer them.

With the end of the month nearing, it only means that the sixth is right around the corner.  I have decided that for the end of this month I will give myself something to look forward to.  The due date for all questions will be on 3/31.  I will then answer the questions over the weekend, before the ugly sixth shows it's face. 

I look forward to all of your questions.  Happy Questioning!!!!! 

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