Monday, February 14, 2011

Special Gifts on Valentine's Day

We told each other we wouldn't get anything, we weren't going to celebrate this Hallmark day.  But at 4:30p I received a call at work, a special call.

He told me that he purchased a card and wanted to fill it out prior to coming home, in case I was there.  He explained that as he was signing Wyatt's name, Wyatt's song came on the radio (yes, that one... If I Die Young, by The Band Perry). 

This was the second time something like this happened.  While reading his birthday card in November, he read Wyatt's name and his cell phone rang.  His ring tone is Wyatt's song. 

It's like Wyatt is there, right there with us.  It is something that you just can't understand until you experience it. 

Upon arriving home, after stopping to get a card and crabs since we were now celebrating the Hallmark holiday, I received the card.  It's a card that means so much to me in so many ways.  One monkey on the front, Wyatt.  And two monkeys on the inside, Wyatt and Nolan. 

~ Front of card ~

~ Inside of card ~

In addition, he purchased a beautiful garden stone with a gorgous blue butterfly on it.  He stated it could be placed right next to Wyatt's garden stone that was given to us in memory of our Wyatt at Christmas.  How thoughtful!!!!

He is wonderful, thoughtful, sensitive and loving.  He cares for his wife, his angel baby, and his unborn son.  He is my husband and he ensured I received some very special gifts on Valentine's Day, and included our sons!


Mary said...

Lucky Momma! Wyatt will always be with you!

Jennifer said...

I am totally crying. Its 6:53am and tears are running down my face.. So sweet!!!