Saturday, February 12, 2011

Forever, Wherever

I saw my sign yesterday, it was in the sky.  I thought for a moment that I may be mistaken, but I wasn't.  It was there, a darker blue compared to the rest of the sky.  It was early morning on my drive into work.  For some reason I was earlier than normal. 

The sky seems to all look the same, with the exception of this one spot.  I thought I was seeing things but after looking away and looking back, I realized it was still there.  No, not a design, but a darker blue that was separated from the rest of the sky. 

The color pattern looked like a cartoon bubble, you know, the one they use when the character is saying something.  The one with the little circle bubbles.  There was a large oval in the sky of the darker blue, then the color veered up higher in the sky and formed little circles, like a path, that I was to follow. 

I immediately thought of Wyatt.  Like it was his way to tell me that he was right there, right there that very moment, watching me drive to work. 

I realized that I was almost at my exit and that I had paid more attention to the sky than I had given to the road.  I smiled and felt the warmth take over my heart.  I sat back in my seat with the realization that he will be with me forever, wherever I go. 


Dana said...

I love this, and he will be.

Caroline said...

How beautiful !!