Monday, January 17, 2011

So Grateful!

As many of you know, I make crochet blankets and donate them to the hospital where Wyatt was delivered.  We are getting ready to go back up to the hospital on 1/27 for an echo on our "miracle baby".  I am working to finish another yellow blanket to take up on 1/27. 

But last night, I received something so wonderful.  I received a plastic bin filled with yarn and crochet needles.  I couldn't believe how much yarn was in that bin.  The materials came from Brian's grandmother, as she cannot use the materials right now. 

I can't wait to finish the yellow blanket so I can begin to use the yarn I have been given to make many other beautiful blankets.  I am even going to try my hand at making a few baby hats, you know the cute ones with animal ears and such. 

I am so grateful for every piece of yarn in that bin and I will ensure it all goes to a great cause!!! 


Jessica said...

What a wonderful post :)

Check out my blog - I gave you an award!

Tiffany said...

how wonderful!

Danielle said...

What a great gift! I've been doing the same thing and crocheting baby hats like crazy to donate to childrens, where Aaron was. ( has lots of good, free patterns!)
So happy for you all and your miracle baby; what a huge blessing!

Lisette said...

Wow, that is so wonderful. Your heart is amazing ((HUGS)).

Ausmerican Housewife said...

Oh wonderful! I bet this keeps your hands busy and the recipents will surely love getting them. I hope they know how much love and tears and hope are stitched row by row in these projects.