Monday, January 24, 2011

Relapse of the Past??

Lying on the table and hearing the words, "Left ovarian cyst".  I told myself, it's okay, they don't seem to be worried. 

Still lying on the table, "Back in a few minutes, we need to meet with the doctor."  Oh my god, those were the same words used during the Fetal Echo with Wyatt.

Blood was taken and a brief walk to see the doctor.  Why did everyone look so scared?  Maybe that was just me.  No, they look scared.

Sitting there, waiting for the words.... Come on say them.  "Based on what we see today, everything looks okay, but we have to wait for all of the blood to come back and for the 16 week results."  That told me nothing. 

The amnio report of Wyatt was reviewed and my nightmare became reality.  "Your previous baby had DiGeorge Syndrome."  What???  Why didn't I know this?  How did I not know this????

"It could pass to this baby too, it depends on if you or your husband are carriers.  We need to do further testing."  Oh my god, are you serious?  I don't know if I can go through something like this again. 

"The chances are small, but they are there.  It is better to rule them out now."  Yes, I agree, the sooner the better.

We received our next steps, packed up our belongings, and took a deep breath. 

The journey has started again.... It just can't be a relapse of the past.


turtleohs said...

I know your situation is different due to the loss of Wyatt, but they say that ovarian cysts are very common in early pregnancy and usually dissolve. I had one with this pregnancy as well. Hoping for good news for you all!

How far along are you now? how long do you have to wait?

Wyatt's Mommie said...

We are 13 weeks, fetal echo on Thursday 1/27, then more blood work to test for DiGeorge's hopefully this week. Hoping to know if this baby has anything wrong in a few weeks.

Caroline said...

Praying for you so much.

Mary said...

I will be prayiong for you and youre little one!

Lauren said...

Thinking of you so much's all so much to take in. You have great strength, and I am praying for you guys. Lots of hugs.

Lisette said...

Oh goodness! Praying for you and the baby. You will get through this, HE will not leave your side.

Laura said...

Praying for you, the new baby and your family. I'm sure the wait will be terrible, but stay strong and know that you are in our thoughts!

Whittney said...

Oh girl, I'm sorry things can't just be stress free and easy. I will be thinking about you and your rainbow.

Melissa said...

Oh sweetie, I am so sorry you are dealing with this. Hugs and prayers coming your way!