Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Gift of Four Hearts

I just can't believe it.... While standing on either side of the screen door, Brian and I were having a brief conversation about finding four leaf clovers. We both discussed the fact that we had never in our lives found one. Brian went on to say that he always looks for one but never finds it.

After the conversation, I continued back to the stove to finish cooking the sausages and spaghetti. Brian went back out to the yard in search of his clover.

Not even two minutes later, the screen door opened and in came Brian. As he walked in my direction, I realized he was holding his hand as if he was carrying the most delicate creation ever. Inside of his hand was a gift. A beautiful, bright green four leaf clover.

I couldn't believe it. We both looked at each other, holding back tears. We knew where it came from. I immediately said, "Guess this will be my reminder photo for today!" Brian said, "I asked Wyatt to allow me to find Mommy a four leaf clover."

Yet again, our son ensured we were both aware that he loves us by sending us a little gift.

I quickly began photographing the clover. That is when I noticed the four hearts. I never really looked at a clover so closely before. Did you know that each clover is in the shape of a heart?

And there in front of me sat four perfectly shaped hearts, all attached to one another. All of them connected perfectly into a beautiful four leaf clover. A wonderful sight for Wyatt to send to us. For we know that one heart must develop to perfection, as it is so delicate, and now we are receiving four. Such a gift.


Tiffany said...

so beautiful! I love it when our little ones send us signs. Im so happy for the both of you! <3

Big Love, Big Acceptance - or so I say said...

Wonderful and beautiful. These simple yet awe-inspiring reminders that our babies are with us.

Lisette said...

Wow that is really amazing!!! What a beautiful gift from Wyatt. I love those moments.

Jennifer said...

That is so fricking beautiful i can't stand it.

Michelle said...


Melissa said...

I love getting those little signs that are from our children. Check out my blog...I just gave you an award. =)

Laurie said...

Love it....I was wondering about the clover with your photo on facebook :) Don't know if you know my clover stories or not...but Gwen and Marie handed me two back in May (long story there but it's on Gwen's blog). And yet ONLY yesterday I really noticed the distinct and clear shape of the heart in the leaves (where my mind, REALLY!?). Anyway.

Four leave clovers are symbol of Hope, Faith, Love and Grace - which is everything we need where we are... so it is a perfect thing for Wyatt to bless you with.