Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little Stones That Cause Much Pain

I haven't been posting lately here, as I have been laid up with kidney stones since June 6th.  Yep, another horrible June 6th, not as bad as last year though.

I took off work this year on June 6th thinking it would be best so I wasn't in a place of professionalism when I couldn't be professional at all.  I knew that Wyatt's birthday would be tough, he would have been one.  Not only is June 6th Wyatt's birthday, but it is my birthday also.  We are almost exactly 30 years apart down to the minute.  So, to ensure that I made this June 6th a bit better, I decided to take off and go shopping with my Mom. 

After having some minor irritation in the morning and calling the doctor, it was confirmed there was nothing to worry about, so off we went... shopping.  I spent every last penny of my birthday money on cute maternity clothes for work and a bathing suit.  Upon my return home, well to my Mom's, things were still going well. 

Then it happened..... 7:15pm!  Ouch!  The pain was back and it was worse than ever.  KIDNEY STONES. 

Brian took me to the ER and I was admitted after only a few hours.  The lady at the desk asked my name.  I gave it.  She then said, "Your birthday is..." and look at me.  I acknowledged her by saying, "Yep, today."  She asked, "Is this your first pregnancy?"  I responded with, "No, we lost and delivered our first one year ago today."  The pain was unbearable.  Between the pain of the stones and getting sick from the pain, I was in for it.  The doctors decided it was best to place a nephrostomy tube for the remainder of the pregnancy with Nolan, plus two weeks after the delivery. 

Yep, nothing like being back in the hospital on the same day I delivered Wyatt, one year ago.  Nothing like an instant reminder that life can change in a blink of an eye.  And nothing like a very Happy Birthday present, little stones that cause much pain.


Alissa said...

Hey you...we've all been missing you. Glad you are on your way to a clean bill of health. Thinking of you and your amazing children always. ((hugs))

Holly said...

I'm sorry you have kidney stones! How painful! :(