Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Don't Cry for Me Daddy"

Today is Father's Day, a special day when father's are honored for being wonderful role models to their children.  But what happens if your first born is in Heaven and your second isn't here yet?

Well, you still celebrate, because you are still a wonderful father.  You are the one that he looks to from up above and the one he sends his signs to.  You are his father and you always will be.  You will be the father he looks for when you enter Heaven. 

Yes, today is Father's Day.  A reminder for BLDs that their child is not with them here on Earth.  Though today will be hard, my plan is to make Brian's Father's Day enjoyable.  He will received the dog tag that was made for him that has Wyatt's picture and message from Wyatt to his Daddy on it.  Afterwards, we are heading to Brian's families house for dinner. 

This day last year, Brian received a coffee mug with Wyatt's photo on it.  It was his first ever Father's Day and it was only a few short days after we lost our little Wyatt.  Talk about hard, it couldn't have gotten much harder.  This year the pain is still there, but we have learned to cope with it just a bit.  This year we also have another little one on the way, making Brian a Daddy times two!

I had a Father's Day card made for Brian this year, because Hallmark doesn't make one for a father whose child is in Heaven.  The card has photos of Brian and Wyatt on the front and the inside says:

 Don't Cry for Me Daddy

Don't cry for me Daddy, I'm right here.
Although you can't see me, I see your tears.
I visit you often, I go to work with you each day,
And when it's time for you to close your eyes, on your pillow is where I lay.
I hold your hand and stroke your hair, and whisper in your ear.
If you're sad today Daddy, remember, I am here.
Good took me home.  This we know it true.
But you'll always be My Daddy even though I'm not with you.
We will never be apart, for every time you think of me,
Please know I'm in your Heart.

Beautiful, isn't it?  I think this is the best poem I have found for a father to date. 

Wishing all fathers, especially BLDs, a very Happy Father's Day.


Holly said...

Happy Father's Day ♥

Caroline said...

Happy Father's Day