Friday, July 16, 2010

"Is there a playground in Heaven?"

A few days ago my mom asked me, "Do you think there is a playground in Heaven?" I didn't answer her as I just thought about what this playground would look like. Would it have an angelic glow? Would it have slides and swings for all? Would there be a lot of little ones playing and laughing around it? But the biggest question I asked myself was, who would my Wyatt be playing with, did he have friends to play with on the playground of Heaven?

Shortly after the day I was asked about the playground in Heaven, I had asked Wyatt for a sign that he was okay. Meanwhile, I had shared the story of my loss with a few other angel mommies. After finding two angel mommies who mean the world to me, I began thinking that since they lost their little boys within the same week in which I lost Wyatt, that maybe, just maybe these were Wyatt's friends. The same day I thought about Wyatt's friends, I had a dream.

My dream was about this woman who came to visit (I never saw her face), but she had this little baby boy with her. He was in his car seat and she put him up on the counter so I could see him. The dream is basically a blur from there, but I remember this baby like it was real. The little boy was probably about 2 months old, he had a perfectly shaped head, and green eyes. I remember asking the mother if I could hold the child and she said I could. As I was picking him up out of the car seat, she told me his name was "Sawyer".

Now this may seem like nothing to most. But as I said, I have meant two mommies who mean the world to me. .... And Sawyer is the name of the son of one of the mommies, who lost her little boy just one day prior to me losing Wyatt. I have never meant Sawyer's mommy in person, but she told me after I told her about the dream, that she has green eyes. And that she is a "freak about car seats".

All I can say is, "Yes Mom, there is a playground in Heaven... and Wyatt is playing with two very dear friends that he met when he arrived, their names are Sawyer and Owen."

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