Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Endless Love

Some people say that since I never lived outside the womb that I was never alive. Some tell my mommy that she wasn't a mommy since she never held me alive. Some even say that naming me was too much.

But why? I knew my mommy's and daddy's voice. I remember what it was like to be carried by my mommy. I know what it was like to live and fight for my life. I think I fought harder than most people would ever have to fight, and that there shows I was alive. You see, I had a very severe case of HLHS which caused my fetal hydrops. When the doctors found out about my condition, it was already too late, I was just too sick. I continued to hang on, so my mommy and daddy could see I was a fighter. That is why I have my name, you see, Wyatt means warrior and mommy and daddy knew I was their little warrior.

I do want everyone to know that I was alive, and my mommy gave me a good life for 29 weeks. Mommy and Daddy loved me so much that even though the doctors thought the worst, my mommy and daddy hoped for the best. They tried a surgery to see if they could help me, but it didn't work, my time in my mommy had ended but the love for mommy and daddy lives on.

I love my mommy and daddy so much and to show them I send them signs. Just little ones, you know, so they know I love them so.

Please know that I am glad to have my mommy and daddy, cause they know what life is all about. They
know it is a precious gift. My mommy and daddy know what love is all about too. They know it starts without a beginning and it goes on forever, endless love.

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