Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blue Butterfly

Sometimes the things that touch your heart aren't worth a million dollars. 

I am an avid Ebay shopper and I recently found something that would mean the world to me to wear.  With the holidays around the corner and trying to cut back on our spending, Ebay is the best place to shop but the worst at the same time.  There are so many wonderful items on there that sometimes I cave. 

I caved this time.  One, because the price was $1.00 with free shipping and two, because when you see what this is you will fully understand. 

Remember back to last year.  Remember the post of the sign I received from Wyatt, yes, I know there were so many.  But the one with the butterfly, do you remember?  Well, what color was that butterfly?  Yes, blue.  Since then, any time I see a blue butterfly my heart gets all mushy as I am quickly reminded of my Wyatt. 

Well, talk about a fitting piece.  It isn't anything expensive.  To be honest, it isn't even silver.  I didn't care.  I placed my bid and in a short three hours I learned that I had won the piece.  It arrived in the mail yesterday.  I carefully opened the package, pulled it out, and was amazed at its beauty.  I absolutely love it. 

Beautiful isn't it? 

With fall approaching and winter soon to come, my heart sinks as I realize that the beauty of nature will soon be hidden by the darkness of the new seasons.  Soon my reminders will not be seen until the warmer days return.  My blue butterfly will flutter no more in the garden for the seasons will hide the flowers.  But my reminder can now forever be worn near the very place my son lives, in my heart. 

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Holly said...

it is a beautiful necklace!