Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big Brother

So many emotions have been running through my body over the past month.  Now the time is near, within 24 hours, Wyatt, you are going to be a big brother.  Well, you already are, but he is arriving either tomorrow or Tuesday.  I can't believe it.  What a gift you have given to your Daddy and I. 

So many emotions because this brings back the memories of your delivery just one year ago.  It brings back the words of the doctors and the very short time that we were able to spend together.  I makes me realize just how much we have missed out on, though I know that you there looking down and at times I feel you beside me.

Can you believe it, baby boy?  You are a big brother.  You are and will always be our first son, our precious angel, our golden egg.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, will ever take that away! 

In about 24 hours, Mommy is going to be put on Pitocin to help baby Nolan arrive sooner.  We are hoping it happens quick, but within 24-48 hours your little brother will be here.  I am sure you are more aware of his arrival than we are. 

We pray that he is perfect and that you will watch over him to ensure all is okay.  Mommy and Daddy plan to tell him all about you, throughout his life.  We know that you will be there, we know that you wouldn't miss this, as he was your gift to us. 

We love you Wyatt and we miss you more and more every day.  We wish you could be here to be with us and your new little brother.  Mommy still hasn't figured out the reason why, but for some reason, God decided our lives had to be this way.  I am sure you know the answer and Mommy will figure it out before she comes to be with you.  But for now, please promise Mommy that you will never leave our sides, you will be there looking over us forever, and that you will be the best big brother ever.  In return, Mommy promises to cherish your gift, love you forever, keep your memory alive, and be with you when God says the time is right. 

We love you baby boy and we miss you very very much. 

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