Saturday, April 28, 2012

I was wrong

Well, I was wrong....

I thought for sure everyone would attend Wyatt's party this year without any issues, concerns, or problems.  This is not the case.  Well, they will be attending but only because it is being hosted on a Sunday.  WTH.

I was basically told that someone else's birthday was more important.  Someone who isn't even family.  Really?  This from my own family. 

I guess I was wrong in thinking that everyone still felt that Wyatt was so close.  I could never imagine choosing a friend over a family member, but maybe I am incorrect. 

Well, the party will go on with or without everyone.  Wyatt is my son, our son... and we will be there to give him the party he deserves. 

I understand that when others pass their birthdays aren't celebrated.  However, most of the time they have lived to celebrate several birthdays, not that this means their birthday should be celebrated. 

I ask this - if you lost a child and you decided to celebrate their birthday would you want your immediate families there?

Party for an angel

We decided that we would continue to host a BBQ and balloon release for the immediate family on Wyatt's birthday.  It was something that we gave great thought to, and we went back and forth with including the families or not.  We thought maybe just doing something with our family and not include our immediate families, but after long consideration, we decided to include everyone. 

Now, do I expect everyone to come.... NO.  We have had a lot of family support remembering Wyatt and honoring his life.  There hasn't been any issues with anyone not wanting to include him.  Many of his cousins still talk of him and his aunts, uncles, and grandparents love him.  Each holiday when the other children receive their gifts, three of the five grandparents include him and make sure he has something as well.  This simple gesture speaks a great deal to me and means so very much.  But no, I don't expect everyone to join us this year. 

Over the past year, some of the extended family has made a few comments that have allowed me to see how they really felt about our loss.  For this I am sorry for them.  They must not understand how precious life is and how touching life can be regardless of the length of life.  So this year, I don't expect to have extended family join, but I am sure and I hope that our immediate families would continue to participate. 

Whatever happens, we will continue to remember our little angel every year.  He brought us joy, made us parents, and fought very hard for his little life.  We know that he his waiting for us and has recently been joined by his loving Mommom.  Until we can meet again, we will continue to honor him and remember him here on Earth. 

This year Wyatt's party theme will be "Somewhere over the rainbow".  I can't wait to get everything prepared for his big day.  I just pray that he will be having a huge party in Heaven while we host one here. 

Here is a sneak peak of his invitations:

And how much did they cost, you may ask.... Well, they were free thanks to a promo code from Tiny Prints.  I simply had to pay for shipping, that's it.  :)